Tuesday, May 15, 2007


On Tuesday, May 1st Trey Morgan did a Top 10 list of, "Why It's Great To Be A Man." Today the rebuttal...

Why It's Great To Be A Woman

1. We can change our minds and it’s ok.

2. We can be wrong and still be right.

3.We use both sides of our brains simultaneously.

4. With ‘just’ the right maneuver (smile, wink, innocence, etc.) we can get out of trouble.

5. We know the difference between egg shell, ecru, and off white.

6. We can wipe a nose, break up a fight, dust the living room, balance the checkbook and cook a meal for a bereaved family all at the same time.

7. We can laugh when we are scared, cry when we are happy and scream when we are elated.

8. We are strong! Check out the women of the New Testament. They were there with Christ to the very end.

9. We can walk in a room and change the appearance.

10. If a woman ain’t happy……….ain’t nobody happy!


lisa leichner said...

Too funny!!

Neva said...




Sheeh ... women!

The Preacher's Household: said...

Reminds me of a few songs:
This is a man's world, but it belongs to a Woman.

I am Woman hear me ROAR!

God Loves Women (I may post the words to that one if I can find the tape.)

ya sista

On a serious note, I was reading Di's blog today. If you subtract out the abusive years and just count the years that you have been rebuilding then you are young. Just a thought. Although, those years are valuable in shaping who you are so you may not want to be quick in getting rid of them. Ok, so maybe you should just consider yourself young at heart and know that we all think you look very young and much prettier than Trey - although that is one of the cutest little boy pictures I have ever seen...;)

lisa leichner said...

We have 100 shoes in our closet and three times as many clothes as our male counterparts -- yet we still stand in front of our closets each day and whine "I have nothing to wear!" ...

and then we use it as an excuse to go shopping!!