Friday, May 25, 2007

The Smuggler

Rebekah was notorious for loving animals. She had begged for a baby calf for several years. She had loved the ducks we had and spent many an afternoon sitting in the yard being a duck. Dogs were also on her list of animals to love. From her perspective, life revolved around animals. I think she looked at life though the eyes of an animal.

She was forever trying to sneak any and all animals into the house. She would hide them under her shirt, in a basket, a toy purse, wrapped in blankets or by what ever means she could find to smuggle them past me. I was forever stopping her as she entered the house, giving her a once over, announce where the baby kitten, puppy, etc. was hidden and tell her to turn around and take it outside. “Man, how do you always know?” she would ask. “I’m a mom,” I would say with confidence.

It was a cold blistery day as the children and I sat around the dining room table studying. Rebekah 8 was taking a break and asked to go and check on the 3 week old kittens in the shed. She spent as much time as allowed with them. I think they were beginning to think she was their mother.

At the table, Amber and I poured over the Algebra lesson. Rebekah walked in the room, threw her hands in the air and announced, “What?” I looked up at Rebekah and guilt was written all over her face. I began to scrutinize her from head to toe. Once again she shrugged her shoulders more emphatically and stated “What?” “Ok, where are the kittens?” I asked. “Open your coat and let me see.” “Mom” she stated innocently, “I don’t have any kittens in my coat.” I rose from the chair and looked her over from head to toe. I felt of her shirt, checked her pockets and examined her thoroughly. No kittens. “Ok,” I announced, “but I know there are kittens in there somewhere.” Once again she shrugged her shoulders and started walking to her bedroom.

“Hold it right there,” I said, a little more loudly than I had intended. She froze! “Come here.” Slowly she turned and started toward me with eyes as big as saucers. I bent down and felt of the bottom of her sweat pants. Two little kittens were held securely by the elastic at the bottom of her pants. “Rebekah!” “It’s ok, they can breath and they are comfortable, see?” she said, as she reached down each pant leg and retrieved a warm ball of fluffy kitten.

How could I be angry, it was such an ingenious plan? Trying to frown and give the ‘mother’ look I said, “Take them outside.” As she cuddled each kitten close to her and turned to walk away there was a sudden tug at my heart. “Rebekah, you can bring them in this time.” Smiling she turned and skipped to her room.

I Corinthians 2:9
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"


Neva said...

So many worse things a kid could "smuggle" in. i always hated it when my kids touched that soft spot in my heart and I had to put discipline aside for ----I don't know just for loving them.

They still do that to me. And now the grandkids do too.
Have a great worship tomorrow

The Preacher's Household: said...

Like mother like daughter.
That tug happens often with me.

NB said...

I have to admit I've always been an animal smuggler myself. Just can't resist!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monalea,

Trey and I are working on the computer. He is showing me how to write you a note on your blog.


Monalea said...

Neva, I don't even want to go down the road of what could be worse to smuggle in.

Are you saying my children are like me???? Ha ha! The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.

nb, I'm glad to know you are and animal smuggle too.

Mom, I'm glad you are learning how to work the computer. I love you!


Matt said...

Hey Monalea Have to admit I am not a cat lover, but I love this story, and love how you raise your kids. Don't you love how daughters seem to have that inherited desire to take care of anything and everything. great post.

have a grrrrreat day,

Monalea said...

Matt, I was not a big animal lover until Rebekah came into my life. And you are right girls do seem to want to take care of any and everything.