Thursday, April 19, 2007

Through The Eye's Of A Child

When I was a little girl my Mother had to have several moles removed. On 'stitch removal day' my Mom, Dad, Sister and myself loaded in the car to drive to a town two miles away to see the doctor. Everyone went, you see it was 'way back when' and there wasn't much to do. No color TV, computers, hand held games; they had barely discovered electricity.

On the way home Mom and I decided to race to the only bathroom in our quaint little trailer house. When the car came to a stop, we both sprang into action. As we rounded the corner of the bathroom laughing, pushing, shoving to be first, both of the freshly healed wounds broke open to every one's horror. Mom lay on the couch bleeding, my much older sister Melinda began to cry as Dad made that long distant phone call to the doctor 2 miles away.

I being the bright innovate child of the family, grabbed a banana, removed the Chiquita sticker and placed it squarely on my mothers forehead as I waltzed out the front door. When I arrived at the next door neighbor's house I said, "May I please stay here? My house is going crazy. My Dad is nervous and calling the doctor, my sister is crying and my Mother is bleeding all over the furniture."

I've learned a lot since then . . . for instance, it takes more than a Chiquita banana sticker to bind up a wound. Psalms 147:3 says, "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."


Neva said...

Thanks for the invite!! I love it!
(Humor and talent must be genetic in your family)
I will be back

Kabbeess101 said...

aww... i loved it! you are so good at writing and making people laugh! GOD had such an awesome plan when HE made you and i know that HE is not disappointed! i love you so much and keep writing!

your FaVOriTe daughter

Mommysmart said...

Yeah and Welcome!

Loved the story and anxious to read more from you.


Why wasn't I mentioned in this story? Obviously, I didn't exist then. That must have been why everything was going haywire. :)

Welcome to the blogging world. You've always been the bossiest and meanest sister I have. You're also the funniest. I'm so excited to read things that are on your heart.

Love ya

Chihuahua Momma said...

I am so excited to see your post. Thanks for the invitation, the writing is beautiful and so are you! I love you and miss you.
My blog is - please visit!

Chihuahua Momma said...


Ignore the address I wrote earlier. My blog pages are and Love ya, LaNell

Monalea said...

Neva, I sometimes think genetics in our family have been altered by a mad scientist.

Wow, thanks for the words, Daughter. I had to look several times to see who had written it. I actually thought maybe it was from someone who didn't know me. Ha!

Trey, if I may quote the Wicked Witch of the West, “I’ll get you my little pretty!”

Mommysmart, I’m having trouble checking your new post. I saved you to favorites and it only pulls up the post about your grandmother. Help!

LaNell, hey ole friend, I’ve missed you. Wow, two blog spots? I feel overwhelmed about the one! Will check you out!

The Preacher's Household: said...

I remember those stickers. My aunt used to let her son get bananas on Saturday morning while he watched cartoons and they sorta slept. She knew how much to feed him based on how many stickers were on his forehead.

Family fun like racing to the only potty in the house are fun, as long as you aren't the one standing there needing to use it.

Glad to see you on-line here. Thanks for the invite. Will you let, conjole Daryl to join you?


lisa leichner said...

Monolea, I've enjoyed your comments on a few other blogs -- it's a pleasure to see Trey strong-armed you into starting your own. I know how he can be. (o;

Great story!! I love knowing mine is not the only fun yet chaotic house.

I always like to help: when you go to Monica's site, at the bottom, find the word "Home" and click on it. Then save her site as a favorite again (when you bookmarked it, I think you probably were just on that post).

Monalea said...

James, Not sure about Daryl getting a blog, maybe? I love the part about your Aunt using banana stickers to keep track of how much her son ate.

Lisa, thanks for looking in on my blog. I gave it a try on the mommysmart blog and it seemed to work. Thanks

one eared pit bull said...

What a cool cuzzin you turned out to be. Nice job on your BLOG. I'll be watching for more great storys. Love y'all.

Lou Lou said...

You have a great out look of life and a positive attitude for every situation. You have been a awesome and loving mom. Daniel and I are proud and blessed to have you. Love you always

Lou lou

Monalea said...

Cuz, that means a lot coming from you. Or should I say one earred pit bull? Where did that name come from?

Lou Lou, you also have been an inspiration to me. Someday you will know just how much.
Love you 2-3-6

joandra said...

Thanks for inviting me. Hopefully I will be able to comment to you every once in a while. You have a great family and you lift me up everyday with your kind words that you say to me whenever I am down about life. You have been a great and wonderful friend to me and especially to Victoria whenever she needed someone in her life. I love you dearly. Keep up the good fight that you have fought for so long.

David Kirk said...

I am glad you have a blog now.
All God's chillun need a blog.

Monalea said...

Thank you for your kind words. You mean a lot to me. You have taught me so much. You will probably never know in this life time. You have a very precious heart!

Love 'all God's chillun's part.