Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Late Top '10' Tuesday

TOP 10 Things That A Mom ‘Never’ Wants To Hear

1. “Mom I blew up the bathroom,” while eating at a nice restaurant. You go to check it out and see water flowing down the hallway toward other diners.

2. “Mom, I think I’m going to throw up,” while driving home. I’ve actually been known to breakout the checkbook and write a check to the ailing child. Money Talks!

3. “Mom, I can see your underwear,” is announced when you stand to sing the last song at church.

4. “Mom, did you want that old hammy roast?” is announced while
a stray dog eats tonight’s dinner.

5. “Mom, ya know that old coat you wear when it’s cold? I
wrapped a dead cat in it.”

6. “Mom, don’t tell Dad that I dropped his toothbrush in the

7. “Mom, what takes bleach out?”

8. “Mom, the cat is having kittens behind the bed.”

9. “Mom, that lady’s thighs are too fat,” while the lady stands
nearby with a pasted on grin.

Number 10 is screamed at the top of the child’s lungs while holding the phone…...
10. “Mom, that lady you don’t like, is on the phone wanting to
talk to you.”

All the above saying listed in blue, are based on true stories!



nb said...

Gee...this is tough. My guess is #3,#5,#9 are made up. However, it's very possible for those to be the real experiences.

I love #6 (dad's toothbrush), #7 (bleach)... but my all time favorite is #10 (phone announcement).

Neva said...

Love it---not sure which ones are made up because at my house they all could have been real---too real. Sometimes real life is so much funnier than . . . oh and along with Lisa, "please interpret funny anyway you want." :)


Mommysmart said...

These are SO funny and SO familiar. I really love the last one. It's sort of hard to take a call like that after that anouncement. They all sound real to me.

We used to tell my daughter that eating too many peanut butter sandwiches would make her booty fat. We were in line at the grocery store one day when she looked at the very large lady in front of us and announced (VERY LOUD)......



All you women make me laugh. We men need to be hanging out over here more.

My guesses on 3 not real:

1 - Dead Cat
2 - Hammy Roast
3 - Dad's toothbrush ...

I'm praying that the toothbrush one actually DID happen. That'd be too funny to Daryl


PS - welcome to Top 10 Tuesdays!

Monalea said...

nb, all 3 of the ones you picked are real. Sorry, I guess you win the consolation prize.

Neva, real life is great. We just need to laugh more.

mommysmart, I did almost the same thing when I was little, I said "Momma, look at that fat lady's britches."

Trey, Rachel and Rebekah really did drop Daryl's toothbrush down the toilet. They didn't say anything for about a month. I always thought he tasted funny when we kissed.

Have a great day everyone!

David Kirk of Frogtown said...

My guess is #4,8 & 10 are not true?

Monalea said...

Hey Frogtown,
You missed 2 of them. 1 is right. Here's you're consolation prize, a fly. Ha ha!

Daryl said...

Yuck!!! The tooth brush incident left a bad taste in my mouth. Ever since I found out it I'm real apprehensive about my tooth brush and my cavities have increased 30%.

Daryl said...

That's "Ever since I found out about it..." Sorry

Lou Lou said...

Thoughs were the days, I remember them all like it was yesterday. What Dad doesn't know is 'Just for tradition' I drop all of his new toothbrushes in the toilet. ~~Love ya~~

Monalea said...

Don't you just love my family???? And especially Lou Lou!


Good one Lou Lou... keep it up