Friday, April 20, 2007

The 'S' Word

As a child the ‘S’ word (shut-up) was never allowed. If you said the ‘S’ word you got your mouth washed out with soap. I think once was enough for me, but I’m pretty sure with ‘Trey’ it took several washing to get that word and others, washed out of his mouth.

I remember a time when there was a huge crisis in my life. My children were 2, 5, & 6, that in and of itself is crisis enough. Funny thing, now after 20 years I can’t seem to remember exactly what that crisis was. But it was something that brought me to the Father’s throne many times in a few short days. After much prayer and no answer from God I called to visit with my Mother, a woman full of Godly wisdom. I told her of my problems, my sleepless nights and my many prayers to God. She listened intently to my words and then replied, “Have you shut-up (yes, she used the ‘S’ word for the 1st time in my life) long enough to hear what God has to say to you?” I sat stunned, almost missing the point to her words because ‘my Mother has said the ‘S’ word.’ “Monalea,” she said so gently; “Have you read God’s Word and listened to what He has to say to you?” This time I heard her and I replied, “No Mom, I haven’t opened my Bible in a long time.” “Maybe that is your problem,” she said. “You have been doing all the talking and haven’t closed your mouth long enough to hear what He has to say.” I remember hanging up the phone and reaching for the Bible.

As hard as I try, I just can’t seem to remember any details of that crisis, nor the way God answered my prayers, but I will always remember how I shut my mouth and God did answered my prayer.

Just a thought . . . . . “When is the last time you listened to God?”



I thought the "S" word was "stupid." I don't think we were allowed to say that one either.

As for mom, you got to give her credit, she's a pretty smart old bird (I hope she doesn't read that part).

Monalea said...

I may email this to her. Ha!
Your loving sister,

lisa leichner said...

The S word in our house is stupid.

But don't worry, I didn't miss your point. I think it was something I needed to hear today, though I don't always think to call on Mom when I need advice.

Thanks for being my Mom today. :)

bruce said...

One of the last times I listened to God was last Summer when He said ...
Stay in Juneau eventhough you would like to leave and be around family.

One more child won't hurt you, I have great plans for her and you.

What you said in your sermon, I changed the listners to hear what I wanted them to hear!

Monalea said...

Lisa, I'll be your 'Mom' anytime. Stupid is also the 'S' word in our home. My grandson corrects me if I say it. I do spell s-t-u-p-i-d quite regularly.

Bruce, Your words made me chuckle. I've also changed the way I wanted to hear things. I have felt like Jonah so many times. . . "I don't want to go to Nineveh."

Neva said...

Been there done that--I am not sure just why I think both God and Ned need to hear not only my desires but, why I want them, what will happen if they don't come, what I plan to do with them, why nothing else will work, how I know that, how I wish they could see how important this is to me, how it would change my life, how I could use it for His glory . . .

Good post, my sister

Monalea said...

Neva. . . . . . . AMEN!

lisa said...

Really? You'll be my mom?

Does that put me in a position to pick on Trey more easily??


Monalea said...

Lisa, It's official.....I'm your 'Mom.'

And pleeeeease, have at Trey. He was born to be picked on. You will be hearing more about him and all my other 6 sibblings right here, so stay tuned.

David Kirk said...

Let all the earth keep silence before Him.

Does Daryl secretly write for

Tee Hee! Just kidding!

Monalea said...

David, Maybe Daryl does secretly does write for ha ha!


The 11th Commandment:

Thou shalt not talk about thy brother!

NB said...

Your family definitely has humor written into your genetic code.
Now, I think you ought to get your mom to and a post occasionally :)

Have a great Sunday everyone! And Monalea, I look forward to reading more!

NB said...

Oops! Should have been "add a post" in the previous comment.

Di said...

Monolea,you are quite a writer. I was a stay at home mom for many years too. Homeschooled my kids for 12 years - but only had 2 of them and that was plenty. :-)

Monalea said...

I homeschooled my kids from K-12 grade. Graduated my last in '05. I'm tired!

Anonymous said...

i really did think that this was great! and trey i am going to tell grandmamma!!! ahah... love you mom!