Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Gifts

As Christmas was drawing closer, Daryl didn’t have time to take the kids shopping for me. They were getting anxious because I didn’t have any gifts under the tree from them. Finally after much coxing I agreed to taking them shopping.

We devised a plan. The kids would push a shopping cart down every aisle, I would walk in the front, as they made their selections they would place the items in the basket and cover them with their coats. Going down every aisle insured them that I wasn’t aware when they chose something and placed it in the basket.

As we walked through automotive, sporting goods, electronics, pets, the garden center, shoes, clothing and more, the kids would stop occasionally, put their heads together and whisper. I wanted so badly to turn and spy, not to see their selection, but to witness their expressions and eavesdrop on their intense conversation.

When they would decide on a gift they would scramble to hide it under the coats and then quiz me to see if I had peeked. After assurance on my part we would again continue shopping. Because of the many times we stopped and they whispered between themselves, I was unaware of what was being purchased.

After making all of their selections, we headed to the checkout. I spoke to the checker and asked her to ring up the items, place them in bags while I stood with my back to her. When she had the total and everything bagged, I turned and wrote out the check. I was not too shocked by the amount, for the kids had kept me up to date on the amount of each item placed in the basket.

As we headed to the car the kids were full of whispers, giggles and smiles. That evening they spent extra time wrapping the gifts in the special way that only a 9, 8, and 4 year old could do.

When we opened presents that Christmas, the kids were full of excitement and anticipation, not so much for their gifts, but for what they had purchased for me. With each gift I opened there were whispers between the three that were more precious than the gifts themselves. Two of the gifts that they were most excited about were a pair of ‘gold high heels’ and a ‘pink bra’. They were so pleased with the elegant gifts that they had chosen. I was humbled that my children had thought so highly of me to pick out the ‘gold high heels’ and the ‘pink bra’.

Jeremiah 33:3

"Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."


lisa leichner said...

So cute!! Wow -- a pink bra!! Did they know the right size?!

I got a pink shirt for Mother's Day last year because the boys knew pink was my favorite color. Kids are so sweet sometimes!!

Anonymous said...

ahahahaahahaahaahahahha.... i don't even remember that! i love you mom

your favorite daughter,
the youngest one :)

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I had nothing to do with the b.r.a. Just the shoes.

Neva said...

"Every GOOD and PERFECT gift(like children) is from above, coming down from the Father of lights . . "

Praise God for giving us the little gift givers. I think you should wear the heels and bra with your macaroni necklace. :)


Mommysmart said...

Doesn't every good mommy need gold high heels and a pink bra? That is a GREAT story.


I'm with Neva - The bra, necklace and high heels are a good idea ... just make sure you include pants and a shirt!


ps - remember when Bruce tried to buy Melinda a bra for Christmas. He didn't know what size and bought her like a 50 DDDDD?

The Preacher's Household: said...

Trey, do you have a problem with a 50 DDDDD? Even if it doesn't fit, I am sure you could find lots of uses for it.

Did the pink bra or shoes fit?
I think that shopping trip would be a lot of fun! I wonder what the cashier thought as she was ringing up the items. I wonder if she sized you up to see if they would fit. She probably giggled after you left with thoughts of your face on Christmas morning. This is a fun story!

Monalea said...

Lisa, I don't know how they knew, but they did get the right size.

My youngest, you were only 3 or 4.

Anonymous, It WAS probably your idea to buy the b.r.a. You're so funny.

Neva, I love the macaroni necklace idea. Have you ever noticed how "Every good and perfect gift" and "For we know that in all things God works for the good" go together so well? It was like Someone (ha ha) planned it.

Monica, You are right every mother needs gold shoes and a pink bra.

Trey, I will MAKE sure I have shirt and pants to go with the rest of the attire. I had forgotten about Bruce and the Bra for Melinda. Ha ha!

Monalea said...

Kathy, I remember how impressed she was that the kids wanted to buy me gifts and that I was willing to go the extra mile to get it done. You shouldn't have mentioned the extra things to do with the 50 DDDD. Trey will have a Top Ten list about it. Ha ha!

lisa leichner said...

Oh no, if a preacher comes out with a post on what to do with a 50 DDD bra, we're all in trouble.

The Preacher's Household: said...

Kids are fun to shop with. After they get to an age to understand the gift is for someone else it is especially neat. They think of some of the best gifts.


The Preacher's Household: said...

Ok Fine,
Monalea please join me in this challenge to Trey to think of a top 10 list of things to do with a size 50DDDDD bra. Plus, you have to make it spiritually or scripturally applicable. Tag you're it Trey!



Top Ten Things to do with a 50 DDDDD bra. Counting down from 10 to 1.

10. You could use it for a colletion plate on Sunday morning. It'd hold lots of money.

9. On sunny Sunday's when the sun is coming through the windows and you can't see the video screen with your powerpoint on it. You could snuff out the light from all the room by placing the monster bra over the windows.

8. Peter could have used it as a flotation device while trying to walk on water.

7. At church picnic's you could use it for two umbrella shades for those who don't need to be in the sun.

6. It would make a nice "ark" for a Noah themed VBS.

5. On rainy Sunday's you can have greeters run out to the older ladies cars and use the two sides as an umbrella to shelter both the old lady and the greeter from the rain.

4. It could be used as a do not trespass sign, much like police tape.

3. It could have been cut up and used for draps in Solomon's palace.

2. Had the robbers in the story of the Good Samaritan been wearing this, the man who was beaten and left for dead would have spotted them from a mile away and avoided all the trouble. But we wouldn't have had the story either.

1. David could have used it as a double barrel slingshot. Two Giants's with one shot. Yee haw

NB said...


The Preacher's Household: said...

yee haw is right!

Excellent job! Did you have any help or did you think of those by yourself? or is it years of joking about size 50DDDDD bras? Very funny ideas.

I must say, I would have been embarrassed for you if you would have posted it on your manly site. Thank you Monalea for letting us have some fun on your otherwise gracefully written site. I will only do it again if you give me the idea.


Neva said...

It truly frightens me brother that you have spent so much time thinking about women's underwear.
You preachers never work. :)


lisa leichner said...

Neva, I'm truly frightened too. And just when I thought I was getting to know the guy.

Frogtown said...



Kathy - My daughter in law.

Thanks for calling my site "manly" It made my day!

Monalea said...

Ok, Kathy when you first came up with this idea I was a little scared. Then when Trey really did come up with a top 10 I was truly frightened. I may have to have an extra session in counseling. Ha ha.

Neva and Lisa, I have know Trey for years and still really don't know him. ha ha!