Thursday, June 7, 2007

Not True

10 Things you have been told as a child or told a child that was not true.

10. If you play with fire you will wet the bed.

9. If you continue making that face it will freeze that way.

8. I’m not going to tell you again.

7. Do you want me to spank you?

6. In a minute.

5. If you do not eat all your food, you will not grow up to be big and strong.

4. Don’t cross your eyes or they will get stuck that way.

3. Eat your spinach so you will be strong like Popeye.

2. When you loose your tooth, if you don’t put your tongue in the space a gold one will grow to replace it.

1. If you eat your carrots you will never have to wear glasses. Have you ever see a rabbit wearing glasses?

Can you add any???


lisa said...

That's funny! I've never heard #10 #2.

Unfortunately, I use #6 all too often. No wonder my kids resort to "Mommy ... Mommy ... Mommy ... Mommy ..."

Let's see, some things I've told my kids that weren't true:
"Milk tastes good!"
"Trust me, you'll like it."


How about ... "You can choke to death by swallowing your tongue?" Not true.


You can catch a cold by playing outside when it's cold without your shoes on. (not true)

Neva said...

How about:
"I brought you into the world and I can take you out---"

not really true, we all know that no matter how aggravated we are, we could never do that.
and . . .
"This hurts me more than it hurts you." Not true, otherwise why would we ever spank them? (masochists) :)

Mike M said...

Finish your food or I will give it to the starving kids in China.

If you swallow gum it will stick to your ribs.

Pop rocks and coke will cause you to explode.


The Experiment starts soon!! I can't wait!!!

Kathy said...

Have you been listening in on me? Is this part of your www talents?

"Don't make me start counting" that is not used to say you have until 3 but that the number I count to will be the number of spankings that you will receive. Pretty mean...

I also say, "There are children in China that will never get the pleasure of eating my cooking - you better eat it for them."


Neva said...

Just so you know that one about eating watermelon seeds and they grow into a plant in your stomach and then someday you have a really big belly---that one's true!


Monalea said...

Lisa, I'll bet you and your kids have a fun time together.

Trey, how about you will catch cold if you don't cover your head?

Neva, my mom used the 'it will hurt you more than me line. I love the watermellon idea....

Mike M, I was always told that bubble gum swallowed never digest.

Kathy, I have spies everywhere....