Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10 Things A Preacher's Wife Needs to Remember!

10. Be yourself.

9. Keep you mouth closed. You have lots of information about others. Keep quite or take it to God. Don’t share it with others.

8. Read your Bible faithfully

7. Lift your husband up daily, even when you want to pinch his head off.

6. Pray without ceasing, especially for the ones who presecute you and your family.

5. Look for the good in everyone.

4. Reach out to the ‘unlovely’ in the Church and community.

3. See yourself and others through God’s eyes.

2. Help with teaching, showers, potluck cleanup, etc.

1. Remember 'who' you work for …….. GOD! Live like it.

Ephesians 6:7 "Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men."

Actually these are good for all Christian women to follow. Would you like to add a few?


lisa said...

As I was reading that, I thought, "actually, these are good for any wife to remember!" And then, of course, I saw your note at the bottom. Great minds!! And great list! Thanks for the reminders.

Mike M said...

Great post!!!


Neva said...

Being a minister's wife is the greatest job on earth. I never knew the blessings that came with it until I experienced them for myself. To stand united, working together for God, knowing God will guide your hands and your mouths, asking Him to put you where He needs you---getting to tell others who He is and what He does and then watching as He proves Himself over and over to them. What an amazing job.

The Preacher's Household: said...

I really appreciated this top 10. Very good!
We are at a transition time and this is a good reminder.

Mommysmart said...

OH, I love the "lift your husband up even when you want to pinch his head off". That is a great one to remember. When you husband is any leadership job in a community people will look to his wife when determining the amount of respect that he deserves. I always pray that I will show him respect. I loved your list!!!!

frogtown said...

I represent the "unlovely" who read your blog. Have a nice day.


I like this. I can see many if not all hitting home. I believe with all my heart that a good preacher has a great wife behind him.

Thanks for reminding us what it takes to be a preachers wife. I know it's not always an easy job.

Monalea said...

Frogtown, you crack me up. Ha ha ha ha ha! I love it.

Trey, it is not an easy job and I want a raise.....I definately want a raise!

Monica, I think the respecting part is the hardest. I keep a rolled up newspaper on hand, for the times I need to discipline him. Ha ha!

Kathy, hang in there. You are percious. Enjoy your transition.

Neva, 'you my friend' are an amazing person. I try to walk like you as you walk like Christ. Thanks for the example.