Monday, October 22, 2007

The Makings of A Good Mother?

At a very early age, like any little girl I loved baby dolls. Every Christmas morning, with stars in my eyes I would gently cradle my new baby that Santa had brought, and rock it so lovingly. My baby would be dressed in frills; hair styled beautifully and had that ‘New Christmas Baby’ smell. There was nothing as wonderful as a baby.

I would rock, feed and change my baby constantly. And I loved it unconditionally. My baby and I would play church, never missing a service. I would teach my baby to sit quietly, sing and pray. My baby and I did everything together.

My babies never had names, but that didn’t see to matter I loved them all. As soon as possible when my new baby arrived I would give it a bath; whether she needed it or not and even if she was cloth. I would wash her hair, being very careful not to get soap in her eyes. It was funny but all of my babies had the same hair style, stick-um-up straight, and they were beautiful.

Once I decided my baby needed a hair cut. I carefully placed her on my lap. I began cutting her hair so carefully. When I finished she looked like she had had a round of chemo. I loved my baby all the more.

After I was married I had 4 children. I was amazed that I could wash their hair and it would actually style or if I gave them that Chemo look, their hair really would grew back. If the early years were any indication of what kind of mother I would be, then you would have to know that I loved my babies wonderfully, unconditionally and beautifully.

Psalms 34:11 Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.


Cornelius Crew said...

Well, right now all Dacie does is chew on her baby's head... Hope that isn't a sign that she is going to eat her young! No doubt that you are a great mom and a great example! thanks for that!
Love you,

Monalea said...


There were times when raising my kids that it crossed my mind how different animal species ate their young.

Love ya 2-3-6,


p.s. Dixie, when my kids are sleeping they are the most wonderful, precious things that God created.....then they wake up.


Dixie - lol .. I wish I'd have eaten a couple of mine (just kidding).

Remember Melinda Gay's baby doll what didn't have eyes. OOOO Scary. I always knew that baby would wake up one night and chop my eyes out with an ice pick.

Monalea said...


When I was writing this, I thought about the eyeless baby too. It was THE scariest baby doll I have ever encountered.


Neva said...

Did you color their faces sometimes too? :)


Monalea said...

Neva, I colored the walls, furniture and anything else lying around. I'll bet by the way you are asking you colored your babies. Am I right?????


David Kirk said...

I once dropped my teddy bear in the loo. Does that count?

Monalea said...


Whoa, you are going to make one awesome Dad.


Mike M said...

Great post!

James said...

I see your babies are as dressed as our girls are.

James said...

our girls babies that is

Anonymous said...

I think James was just picturing everyone thinking our girls were streaking. They may be.

I think I may have to write a blog about this.
Sista Kathy