Thursday, August 9, 2007

"I Can't Do It"

When Rachel was first learning to tie her shoes she would spend a considerable amount of time working on the laces. I would offer my help, which in turn she would reply, “I can do it myself.”

After sometime Rachel would yank off her shoe and with force throw it across the room and cry, “I can’t do it, I just can’t do it.” I would try to console her and help her but she would get mad at my offer, pick up the shoe, place it on her foot and start all over again. After several minutes she would again yank her shoe off and launch it across the room with great force and cry, “I can’t do it, I just can’t do it.”

It took me several days to learn to sit back and wait for her to come to me and ask for help. She would come to me with a contrite heart and big crocodile tears coursing down her little face. I would gather her in my arms and hold her and then I would help her put on her shoes and very gently show her how to tie them. She would give me a big hug, slide off my lap and run to play.

It seemed like forever before she finally learned to tie her shoes and we didn’t have to go through the “I can’t do it, I just can’t do it” routine. Actually it was probably only a few weeks.

We are so like this in our daily lives. We struggle, resist and oppose the problems that we face while our Father looks on with great love and patience waiting for us to come to Him with a contrite heart and ask for help. He was there from the very beginning listening to us say, “I can do it myself” and then hearing us cry, “I can’t do it, I just can’t do it.” Notice He never pushes His way in, but waits for us and then He gathers us in His arms, holds us close and gently shows us the way.

I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”


Neva said...

You are so right, and so often when I jerk my hand away from my Father because I can do it, I fall and skin my knees or bump my head, but like any good parent, He picks me up, cleans me up and sets me back on my feet, holding tightly to my hand.


Neva said...

BTW--I think your picture in the sidebar is beautiful!!!


Monalea said...

Awwwww, thank you sweetie!


preacherman said...

my song just learned to tie his shoe. I have come to learn that it is the small things in life that I have really come to enjoy in watching my boys accomplish in life. Cheering for them. The smile that is on their face when they finally get it right and they come running up to me and say, "see what I can do?" Or "I did it!" And of coure, I respond with, I'm so proud of you....Good job. As parents we must stop, slow down and appreciate the small accomplishments of our children.

Monalea said...

You are so right. It takes a wise parent to learn that in life young, instead of learning it with their grandchildren.

The Preacher's Household: said...

Very good point - but I do think that shoe tying was the hardest thing Josh has had to learn yet - multiplying and reading were a breeze compared to the struggles with shoe tying. It makes me proud of him every time I see him helping the girls with theirs or even tying his own.