Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our cabin at camp held 17 little girls, ages 9-11 and 5 counselors. We got settled in and noticed our bathroom of 3 showers stalls and 3 bathroom stalls began to flood. I drug in the commercial mop and bucket on wheels and began to soak up the water. Our bathroom flooded all week and I could be found at 6 am, 3 pm, and 1 am mopping up water. I became one with the mop bucket. What did I get in return for mopping up water at these unnatural hours of the night and day??? I got my very first muscle. Since I've been home I have been flexing it for everyone.
The food at camp was ... 'camp food.' Mainly carbs with a little meat scattered randomly about a few campers plates. On Thursday an armadillo wandered into camp and my mouth actually began to water. I looked around and saw several other counselors wiping drool from their mouths also.
Thursday night was cabin skit night. Our little girl's skit was an Ugly Beauty Contest. They donned scary makeup, hair styles, and clothing and paraded around stage to be judged by the chosen counselors. That afternoon we asked the little girls to choose what counselors they thought were cute that could be chosen as judges, they replied, "All of the counselors are old." We laughed, because the counselors ranged from 19 - 50.
On Wednesday evening I asked my campers if they were going to participate in the Sadie Hawkins's chase and supper. All raised their hands excitedly as I looked confused from one face to another. Here stood the same little girls excited about chasing boys, when previously they had snarled their lips at the mere mention of the opposite sex. I quickly blurted out, "When you catch the boys you cannot beat them up." As their hands began to drop to their sides I heard a whisper go through the cabin, "O man."
Each morning we cleaned our cabin and when we were in Bible classes the chosen inspectors would come and judge the cleanest boy and girl cabin. We finally won on Wednesday because of extra credit posters we placed around the room stating, 'Flash Flood Warning,' Life Jackets Must Be Worn in This Area,' Weather Advisory: 99% chance of Flooding.' We got to go first at all the meal times and carry the 'sacred stuffed monkey'. It wasn't until after lunch that we learned that the 'sacred stuffed monkey' could be stolen by other cabins. When our monkey was stolen 3 little girls jumped on the perpetrators and began to kick, hit and bite, managing to draw blood from a boy, as the other little girls stood around crying because their 'monkey' had been stolen. Needless to say, we got our 'monkey' back and no one else tried to steal it while we were in possession of it.
On Thursday morning I let my little girls sleep in an extra hour, unbeknown to the 2 directors and most of the other staff. We also chose not to clean our cabin that morning. When the inspectors came to check the cabin, one of the counselors hid under a blanket on the top bunk and as the the inspectors entered the room, she threw the covers off and shouted, "BAM!" That day we had extra KP duty and I was actually threatened with a Kangaroo Court and the possibility of being drug through the mud.
There are still good times to be had at camp :)
"For we KNOW that in all things God works for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28


NB said...

I want to go to camp next year! Only, pick a different cabin (or bring a water pump). The posters - a hoot!

Monalea said...

Ok NB,
You can come and be in my cabin. You are in charge of bringing the water pump, shop vac, vacuum truck, & raft incase everything else fails.

David Kirk said...

Entertaining story as always! Glad to see you again in the blogosphere!

Cornelius Crew said...

Love your positive outlook on cleaning the bathroom all week! Im certain I wouldve come back complaining! So glad to have your wisdom back in the blogging world!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful story teller and I love your blogs. Wish you would write more. They are uplifting to me. I'm way older than 19 - 50. But you make everything seem like so much fun.
I don't want to go mind you but just read about it. What Bible lessons did you teach, was there time for that. I know you would do that first. jmsmb

Monalea said...

I hope I have what it takes to stay in the blogosphere!

I had to really, really work at making lemonade out of this experience. I really just wanted to squeeze the lemons into someone's eyes.

Our classes were based on Prayer. One of my 8th grade girls that I taught was baptized. I was so excited.


Camp was fun this year... it helped that you guys were there :)

Ashta lakshmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashta lakshmi said...

Entertaining story as always!I want to go to camp on this summer vacation
You are a wonderful story teller and I love your blogs. Wish you would write more. Glad to see you again in the blogosphere!

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