Monday, November 10, 2008


Setting my clocks back every fall is my favorite holiday. Actually I’m probably the only one that really celebrates this favorite day of the year. I usually set my clock back Saturday morning and then spend the day looking at all the clocks that I have positioned about the house basking in the knowledge that I will actually have an extra hour. I think I enjoy this day more than Christmas, Thanksgiving and my birthday; maybe because it has become my own personal celebration.

The next few months I try to adjust to the sun setting earlier (actually it isn’t setting earlier; my clocks are just 1 hour early). I usually put on my PJ’s about 5:30 since it is dark and I pad around in comfort for longer periods of time enjoying this moment in time before it is officially bedtime.

Today it was cloudy so as the afternoon began to wear I went about the house closing all the blinds knowing that in a short time I could get comfy in my PJ’s and possibly snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa. I happened to look at the clock and noticed it was just 2:30pm and that there were still several more hours of daylight left. I had been trick into thinking it was later; Rats!


Anonymous said...

I love it to, and some times I'm in my gown and robe and have hot chocolate at 2:30 if I want to. You go for it. I also love getting up at my usual waking hour, looking at the clock and bragging on myself for getting up so early.

nb said...

My little guy has been in bed by 8:30 every night since the time change! Then I get to wrap up in a blanket and sip a mug of hot chocolate myself. Yum!

I like the time change. It seems to get everyone settled down and relaxed a little more. When we have longer days, it just seems that we plan more activities so we are much busier. Now that it gets darker earlier, everyone comes together at home and it feels like we actually see more of each other.