Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stan Simmons

I would like to introduce my cousin Stan to you. He is one of my favorite people, uplifting and encouraging. When I read the story of Joseph in the Old Testament I see a lot of similarities between the two men. Genesis chapters 30 - 50

Funny, as a kid growing up he was a lot older than me. Now that I’m older, we are about the same age. As a kid I admired his cool horse Gipsy, his good looking friends who hung out at his house, awesome Archie comic books and I loved his Mom and Dad, Uncle Bob and Aunt Freda. No one could cook like Aunt Freda and she always kept Hershey syrup for my milk. That alone made her #1 in my book.

Life has punched Stan in the guts many times, but he still keeps his positive outlook, his charm and wit. In 2006 Stan wrote his first book “By Path of Night.” When I started reading the book I couldn’t lay it down. The end of each chapter left you hanging so that you just had to read the next.

“By Path of Night” is full of mystery, drama, love, violence, evil and warmth. Several friends who read it commented on how clean it was for a book write in this day and time. Amazon gives “By Path of Night” a 5 star rating; I give “By Path of Night” a 10 star rating.


Stan said...

Thanks, Monalea. I think the better writer is the one who lives in Jal. Much love to you...


Stan's book was excellent. I'm not sure where you and Stan got your writing abilities, but I fell a bit short.

Glad you're blogging again.

David Kirk said...

Thanks for recommending the book to us.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are back, loved the comments about Stan, one of my favorite people. I've read the book twice and want to read it again. It has so many underyling thoughts and morals. Thanks for writing.

Monalea said...

Stan, I think you are just being modest.

Trey, I have always thought your abilities to write were awesome.

David, let me know what you think of the book.

Anonymous, Wow read the book twice? I have planned to read it again. I just know I won't get anything done for a day when I start it. Guess I need to take the day off anyway.


Neva said...

So you are like famous by association? Way cool!

Blessings my sister
Hope your worship tomorrow is beautiful!